March Madness Family Tournament


  • Enter your name on each page.
  • Each team has a unique number
  • Select a team by it’s unique number - (which will be to the right of the name in parenthesis).
  • There are 4 separate forms corresponding to the 4 tournament divisions; MidWest, East, South, and West.
  • The West Division includes the Semi-Final and Final games.
  • After completing a page press NEXT at the bottom of the page.
  • Press FINISH to move to the next Division.
  • Immediately send, wire, or deliver in person the sum of $5 to the Commish.. The most convenient is to use the PayPal on the last page.
  • Tip: Remember the Team Number of the teams you are selecting to win Rounds 5 and 6 for entry on the Final Four page.
  • Tip: Use Tab key to advance to next selection box.