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  • Gatherings
    • Huffman 2018

      June, 2018 witnessed a partial gathering of the Huffman Clan in the Mantyk/Coggins backyard. Unfortunately only a few photos captured this momentous event.

      ** Note: Not all the good looking people in the pictures are Huffmans!

    • Huffman 2021

      Slow Time Acres Tennessee, Kelly & Jim's retirement home was the site of the latest gathering of the Huffman Clan during the 2nd week of August. The Boys rented a log cabin mansion nearby to accommodate the overflow and their favorite (only?) uncle. The major highlights seemed to be meal preparations although there was an afternoon of boating in the nearby State Park. Also in attendance were Maggie and Tucker.

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  • RIP
    • Anna

      Anna passed September 9, 2006 but her ashes remained with us until October 9, 2019 when we reluctantly laid them to rest in the same cemetery as John her loving husband. In attendance besides her children were Diana, Gary, and Gregory Tomaszewski to whom she was a loving Aunt and her granddaughter Kelly Stinson.

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