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San Juan - 2005
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We accepted an invite from friends to share a condo on the ocean with them for a week in California. The highlight was a visit to the Mission San Juan Capistrano where we did not see the birds!

Chili Festival - 2006
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Oh Boy, did we have fun. An RV trip that was suppose to include Pat and Mike & Carol Wheelocks but Pat and Deb couldn't make it at the last minute. We were pleasantly surprised when Craig and Pam joined us. A highlight of the trip was being able to park right on the beach.

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One of our favorite activities is to attend the Toronto International Film Festival with our good friends the Wheelock’s. This is a compilation of two visits; 2011 an 2014.

San Diego 2013
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Went to become acquainted with the city and to visit my old childhood friend Dennis Fletscher. We went whale watching - saw a tail fin about 2 hundred yards away but the boat ride was nice, especially to see the city from the water. Dennis and his wife Sue took us on a really nice tour of the city with emphasis on the navel facilities - Dennis is retired navy.

St Petersburg 2014
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We took the opportunity while visiting the Huffman’s, who live near The Villages, to spend a night with our friends Pat and Debra in St Petersburg. There are not enough photos to do our visit justice and we also lack a photo of Pat who was our principle photographer.

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2005 (Holiday Inn Express)
(Mantyk’s did not attend)
     Three Burials of M. Estrada
2006  (Holiday Inn Express (on Jarvis?)
1   The Wind That Shakes the Barley
2   The Lives of Others  (Saw in MI)
3    Ten Canoes (Saw in MI)
4    The Fall (Saw in MI)
N/A    Brand Upon the Brain!  (Will Not See)

2007  (Days Inn or Bond - think Bond)
1   The Visitor
2   No Country for Old Men
3   Eastern Promises
4  12:08 East of Bucharest
5   Dinner with the President
6   The Assassination of Jesse  James by the Coward Robt Ford
7   Religulous (Did not see full movie)
8   Disengagement

2009  (Days Inn or Bond -think Days Inn)
1   25 Carat
2   The Baader Meinhof Complex (Big Question?  How sure are we that we saw it at TIFF? Cannot seem to locate it there w/ this title or Red Brigade.s) 
3   Balibo
4   The Jones'
5   Harry Brown