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    • Us NY City 2009

      Evan was living in Manhattan, sharing an apartment with another couple, and renting out one bedroom. It was the only way that all of them could afford to live in New York City. Our week stay with them gave us all the urban flavor that we could stand.

      Bret and Yuri were living in Brooklyn in, of course, a small apartment.

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    • Evan Mi 2010

      The pictorial highlight of the visit was a day at Waldenwoods lake, where we kept our motorhome. We also spent a little time at a park where the kids, and adults, could get some exercise.

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    • Bret Az 2012

      When not in our hot tub, Bret & Yuri spent their time hiking around Sedona with us.

      This was probably their last major trip before the arrival of Myla.

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    • Evan Az 2013

      Evan arrived by himself as Katy and the kids were in New Zealand. This gave Evan a chance to channel his mountaineering inner-self.

      Besides hiking the local mountains, Evan and I drove the Apache Trail which is about 22 miles of narrow, winding, unpaved road going through exceptional scenery. Two weeks after our trip the road was closed due to a cave-in.

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    • Craig Mi 2013

      Craig's visit was highlighted by the presence of his children - the Indiana couple, Travis & Nakia, along with Si'Ana from Atlanta, bringing Craig's daughters together in what will now probably be a less frequent occurance as they have left the nest.

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    • Us NY 2014

      This year we find Evan & family living in an out-of-the-way, on-top-of-a-mountain, hideaway
      outside of Otisville, NY.

      This was a motorhome trip that was memorable for just the drive up the mountain to Evan's on what at best might be considered a goat path. Luckily, it was not winter.

      Enjoyed only a brief visit with Bret, Yuri and Myla as we took the train into New York City.

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    • Bret Az 2017

      Bret, Yuri, and Myla were our last guests at the Arizona condo prior to our selling it a month later. The focus of their visit was parks and zoo.

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    • Bret 2020

      Bret and family were the first to visit us in our new Az condo. We had less then a week to hike South Mountain, visit our favorite park, tour a new aquarium, explore Arcosanti, and get in some TV watching. Arcosanti is renowned as a conceptual urban design. Also known for their bronze and ceramic Consanti Windbells.

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