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    • Denise's 60th

      Denise's milestone birthday was celebrated in Phoenix, where we had rented an apartment in the Meridian, next door to where we eventually bought the condo. Besides Craig and family we also had the Wheelocks and Ben Glaizer. It was combination Game Night and Birthday Party.

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    • Denise's 61st

      One year later we have relocated next door at the Biltmore Terrace Condo's.

      The birthday celebration includes Denise's brother, two sisters, nephew, niece and her boy friend.

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    • Denise's 65th

      A milestone birthday is special, so Denise’s 65th was celebrated with a mystery trip. It entailed plane travel with a transfer in Los Angeles and a long rented car ride. Only during the drive there did Monterey Bay become known as the destination. We stayed 3 nights at the Portola Hotel located next to Fisherman’s Wharf and less then a mile from the Aquarium and Cannery Row. We also took in the 17 Mile Drive to enjoy the ocean and the rugged coast.

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    • Marv's 65th

      One year before retirement. We celebrated at Vicente's, our favorite cuban restaurant.

      The 65th is one of the favorite "raunchy" events to celebrate and my friends did not let it slip by without the appropriate gifts.

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    • Marv's 70th

      A very special birthday celebration held in the party room of the Emagine ttheater which features a wet bar, pool tables, and 4 bowling lanes. A major surprise was the attendance by my two New York sons and families.

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      • Evan's College

        Most of us would be happy with one graduation exercise. Not so Evan who was honored as a top U. of Michigan Scholar in a separate ceremony from the receipt of his Bachelor's degree.

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      • Stefan's College

        It was with great sorrow, I'm sure, that Oakland University bid adieu to one of its favorite thespians. It was for the rest of us a matter of great joy.

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