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    • Bret & Yuri's

      Bret & Yuri were married in NYC, but traveled to Japan and Detroit for their celebrations. Our's was held at Vincente's Cuban Restaurant with a four piece Cuban band. A special treat was to have Yuri's parents come from Japan to attend the ceremony and stay with us.

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    • Harth & Kate's

      Harth and Kate, after a whirlwind courtship of about 12 years, tied the knot in the woods! It was a very romantic and moving ceremony held in Portland, Oregon. And, yes, in the woods.

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    • Travis & Nakia's

      Nakia and Travis were married in Indiana. Travis brings some very serious competition into the Family March Madness Tournament.

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    • Evan & Katy's

      Evan and Katy were married in NYC and came to Detroit for their celebration which was held at the Northwestern Unitarian Universalist Church.

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    • Marvin & Denise's

      if something is worth doing once then twice is even better, which is why we got married twice in the same week. Ok, one was a legal ceremony and the other spiritual. Maybe, it is because of these that our marriage has been doubly blessed.

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    • Kelly & Jim

      It was beautiful, both the wedding and the bride, it was fun, and it was a wonderful reason to bring the family together.

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