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    • Thanksgiving 1997

      A very special Thanksgiving in which we honored (?) the first participants by dressing as indians, pilgrims, turkeys, and even a big ass buck.

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    • XMas 2005

      Celebrated at home with Mom, Bret, Stefan, & Kelly. Also, had xmas dinner at Uncle Lent's.

      This Christmas was notable because it was Mom's/Anna's last as well as Uncle Lent's.

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    • Memorial Day 2006

      Just an old fashion cookout with family and neighbors. It is the traditional party that kicks off the Summer social season.

    • XMas 2006

      If proximity to family and friends equates to happiness then this Christmas was our happiest ever. Staying with us was Evan and family, Evan's Inlaws from New Zealand, Bret, and Denise's friend from Mexico - Monica. We ran out of bedrooms and took to air mattress on the floor.

    • Holloween 2008

      Who says that adults always have to behave and can't ever be a little silly. It is just fun to dress-up and become someone else for a brief time.

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    • 4th July 2013

      There is no better time to get together with family, friends, and neighbors then to celebrate our freedoms and greatness as a country.

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    • July 4th 2014

      Another 4th of July rolls around and here we are back together with family, friends, and neighbors.

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    • Xmas 2016

      We decided to delay escaping the Winter and enjoy a white Christmas (or at least a cold one) with Denise's family.

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    • XMas 2020

      The year of the pandemic caused changes in how we celebrated especially those events that would normally have brought us together. The following is a compilation of how we, as individual family units, celebrated Christmas. VIEW

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